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What is IRONCHIP Location-Based Security (LBS)?

IRONCHIP LBS is the technology which it allows you to authenticate a device or user based on the analysis of the set of radio waves that exist in an environment.

What kind of signals are analyzed?

All that the device in question allows us. We mostly use WIFI, GSM, WCDA and LTE alternately, even Bluetooth in some cases but never GPS.

How accurate is it?

Accuracy is not the most important thing in the solution, since what matters is that an external agent cannot access the secure sites and that it cannot do it on a large scale because it cannot be in all the sites at the same time.

Even so, the precision is configurable because it depends on the environment and the learning time but some environments we have achieved up to 1 meter of precision.

What problem does IRONCHIP LBS solve?

IRONCHIP LBS prevents a remote attacker from accessing its service if it does not have a specific mobile device at a certain location.

IRONCHIP LBS does not use latitude and longitude (GPS) to determine if a device is in a place from which access to the service is allowed, but uses an artificial intelligence that analyzes radio waves that are in the environment, creating a unique signature (safe place) that determines if the device is in the safe location.

What happens if the environment signals change?

Nothing happens. The algorithms analyze such a large set of signals that any alteration would not interfere with the analysis. In fact, our technology is constantly learning from these changes.

If the changes are prolonged in time, the algorithms can learn from the signals and update them progressively.

Is there mobility with IRONCHIP LBS?

Yes, it works like when you renew your ID. To renew it you are obliged to go to a place to certify it is you, in this case, commissioners or embassies.

IRON CHIP works the same way. Users have their safe place to which they associate their account and from that moment on, they can move anywhere with their ID, which is also renewed every iteration and every time you go through the safe zone it is renewed again. .

Also, it has another advantage, that nobody except the user knows their safe place, not even us.

How do IRONCHIP A.I. algorithms work?

The AI ​​of IRONCHIP LBS is made up of a set of algorithms of different nature. Each one analyzes the set of wave spectrum for a certain time, giving you an assessment each of different magnitude.

These algorithms have to learn from the zone, which will be used as a password, for a certain time (1min. - 3 min.). The ratio of precision of the safe zone is proportional to the time you learn from each safe zone.

Why not keep the signature of safe places?

For more security and because it is not necessary for us. At IRONCHIP we believe that not saving them will prevent theft of large-scale credentials that we could experience in the future. Also, biometric solutions, although comfortable, are not a very good approach to security since if they are stolen, no user will be able to change them.

That is why we only keep a mathematical model that is the solution to learning the set of signals. The signals once learned are erased.

Can I integrate it?

IRONCHIP use the most widely used security standards such as SAML or OIDC (OpenId-Connect) to integrate with your systems either in windows environments (Microsoft Active Directory) or we provide you with the management platform.

In the user part, we have the possibility of using an SDK to integrate it into your applications, or in any case, you can use the official IRONCHIP LBS application.